30 May 2010

Mumbling, well, again.

 "The only whole heart is a broken heart

-Mitch Albom, Have A Little Faith-

And i am, a newly-fulltime-single-girl, feeling like, HELL YEAH I'M FREE!!!
but the fact is, "well yeah, i'm okay"
it's kinda hard. But still, i have to fight for it. For the sake of my own happiness.
I'm no more someone's tough girl. I'm no one's smart girl, anymore. I'm no one's curly-hair smoker girl, A-NY-MORE.
So here i am, just finished reading Have A Little Faith by Uncle Mitch Albom, thinking that now i have my whole heart with so much parts which should be fixed, alone by myself.

Dadadam, dadadam.

Well, ladies and gentlemen.
Mumbling is always fun.
Have a good Saturday night, all, and you.