18 June 2010


Yeah i know, i've promised to go bed earlier on my previous post, but i just can't resist to not to post about this:

ANITA = And Nobody Is That Awesome

Huge hug for Fatima Alkaff who made me those words! This girl, just FYI, is a serious case of endless smart ideas and thoughts, people. Just follow her at twitter, and u won't be less amazed than me about what's inside her mind! Thankie, Patime.. #muach 
*suguhin lontong sayur+teh tawar anget*

Right, right, right. Going to sleep now. Oh i just can't. I am now trapped on my Yahoo Messenger, talking with my twitter friends and i can't stop myself for being interested with the topic tonight! Gonna sleep later on, with Little Walter, Roxette, Oasis, and The Cranberries on my playlist. Yes, i can smell the sense of fearless freedom right now. Woo hoo!