23 June 2010


My love, to you. People got it wrong. But not with me. I felt the happiness, i felt the pain, i felt the impossibility of loving you, having you..
They took it as a fault. Yes, my parents. But d'oh, who cares? I felt everything. Those wonderful 3.5 years, those happiness, those pains, those tears, those blood..
Some people said that i was a fool for wasting my teenager life with you, but they're wrong. I didn't waste my teenager life with you, i GREW up with you. 
Some people said that i'm a total bitch for letting you touched me, everywhere. Yes, EVERYWHERE, but they're wrong. I ain't that bitch. I'm a bitch, for a reason: love. They also said that i would regret all of my mistakes. Once again, those dumb people are wrong. I'm not regretting anything, and those things are not mistakes. Blah, they have to stop being lame.
And as this picture said,"It Doesn't have to be real to call it true", i just wanna say:

"Even you're not 'real' anymore, but you are so true. You're not here, but i know you're 'there', watching me proving you and everybody else that i can make all of you proud of who i am. Please don't make any trouble, i won't see you at a bad, messy, and hot place called hell, okay?"

Yeah, i know this is silly, but i don't know what else beside prayers i could do to release this feeling. I wanna talk to you, badly. I wanna doubt your argumentation. I wanna be protected by you. I wanna see your cheek-bone when you're angry. I wanna see your eyes when you worry about me. I wanna hug you. I wanna kiss and be kissed by you: on my 'jenong' forehead, my both big eyes, my little nose, my both full cheeks, my chin, then end down on my lips...  I wanna have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with you. I wanna sleep by your side, with you playing with my hair...
Saya kangen kamu, itu intinya. 
Dan yang saya bisa lakukan, hanya berdoa, untuk semuanya: hidup saya, kehidupan orang-orang yang kamu kasihi disini, dan untuk 'kelanjutan' kamu disana.
Dear you, my Scorpio guy,
"Please be good up there. Because down here, i'm doing good"
NsY :')