17 June 2010

Oh yes yes yes!!

Ta-daa! I got featured on my college's internal magazine: TRAVOZ. This is such of oh-i-can't-be-happier-than-this moment! This is the first time i got featured, and also the first time my amateur-clothing-designs published in a printed media :D

What else? Hmmmmm, oh, yes, MY TWO-WEEKS-FINAL-EXAM has finished! Yeaaay! I'm welcoming my ho-ho-ho-holiday, with some freelance-things which i should finish til the end of June. Not bad, i guess. Because i love my job-environment. The people are nice and kind of great to work-in-team with them :)
*nyari muka, siapa tau orang kantor ada yang baca postingan ini :p *

What else what else? About World Cup? I'm a total Deutschland's supporter. Got really glad when they won 4-0 in a match against Australia. FYI, i didn't like Australia. The players played too rude. Even a player got a red card in the middle of the match so they only played with 10 players. Also, i didn't like the referee. He seemed unfair. Actually Deutschland(or similar with Germany) got 2 offsides, but he didn't take those as faults. He made my fave team looked like bastards and loosers who hid behind the referee. Blah. Lame.
But overall, i still love Deutschland. My fave players? Indeed, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Miroslav Klose. They're great! Schweinsteiger looks like a cool tiger in the field while Klose is a baby-faced score maker who also got a golden shoes at the previous World Cup (on 2006, CMIIW*). Podolski Made the first goal beautifully and Lahm done a great role as the captain. Viva la Deutschland, Viva la Joachim Loew, the couch! :D

About my holiday plans? Hmmmm, still don't know. Maybe i'll go on first with this freelance things, then i'll go on with my short-semester program(i failed at Financial Accounting subject last year and i take it to make my score better) from the beginning of July to the beginning of August, then maybe i'll take a short vacation with my girls. The destination? Beach, indeed :D
And since i have no more thing to do, i'll start recover my sleep-time from today, remembering i didn't have much time to sleep at the past months. Assignments, quizzes, exams... blah, college things are always killing me. Stab me right in the heart, on a space named FREEDOM.
*penonton bersorak: LEBEEEE MULUTLO LEBEEEE!! :p * 

And yep yep yep, i'll watch tomorrow match(Germany vs Serbia) with my girls at our lovely coffee shop. Over excited about this that i'll wear my Germany-squad shirt as an expression of my support to Germany. May God bless them tomorrow, hope they play as great as usual also. Can't wait can't wait!! :D

Right. I'm not gonna keep mumbling now, either take a bath. This pair of eyes won't have a diet program so they keep on adding weights, push me to go bed. I feel like a child begging on her mom to have some more candies, which now i'm like begging to my eyes: "Please, eyes? Can i have more time to go browse some interesting things or watch today's soccer match?" then this pair of eyes will say clearly,"No. I won't force myself to see on wasteful things. I am worth to get some rest, you dumb."

So, yes, have a goodnight, people. I'll get my eyes and mind a package of vacation: Sleep, and nice dream. Ciao :)

*CMIIW: Correct Me If I'm Wrong