29 July 2010

@Anjinggombal Update: PRE ORDER!

There you go, @Anjinggombal's book and tshirt design, just have your pre order for both book and tshirt.
Book Price: IDR 26.000
Tshirt Price: IDR 85.000
If you order both of them: IDR 100.000 only!!
To make a pre-order, just send us email to TshirtAG@gmail.com contains your name, address, numbers of items, your size, and your phone number so it would be easy for us to contact you.
Anddddd, if you are in Jakarta and already had your order, you can take the Tshirt and books on our launching event at The Mazee FX, 8th of August. Join us, and we'll have fun there! Woo Hooo!!