15 July 2010

I have a brother and a sister

the pic was taken from here

I have a brother. A monochrome brother. With 2 colors: black and grey, oh, he's planning to add a brown into his color list, but well, he consider it so hard. He is a guy with a kind heart. A bald head with great mind. A Harley-Davidson. He's a cup of black coffee with less sugar: bitter, but enjoyable. He's a broken-hearted reality: bitter, but we can learn from him so much. He is my on-screen comedian and cheerleader. He is an army with full armor; when it comes to something dangerous, he'll be ready to fight for whoever he loves. He's not in love with me, so am i. I told you i have a brother, not a crush, you dumb.

I have a sister. A colorful sister. With many colors with one word: rainbow. She's great at muffins and cookies. A dreamer. A cup of jasmine tea with flavoured oatmeal cookies. A romantic-comedy-movie. A baby blue bicycle with a basket full of fruits and candy. She's an in-love reality: always pretty to see, also has plenty of things to be learned. She's my one day birthday reminder. She's a rain dancer with shocking pink-yellow polka-dot big umbrella. Little eyes with a big world stored well inside. Adorable.

I have a brother and a sister. They are great. A monochrome brother and a colorful sister. A cup of black coffee and flavoured oatmeal cookies. You must be jealous of me. Yes you are.

I have a brother and a sister. They are not my siblings. Just a random blogwalking. Some messenger chat. Some text messages. Some phone calls. Some sharing moments. Some attention. Some laughs. Some jokes. Some silly grins in front of each other's screen. Some distances.

I have a brother and a sister. Loveliest ones. Can't wait to see them in the morning, at the afternoon, or in the evening, hearing anything from them. Learning anything new. Tasting anything
I have a brother and a sister. Now as bed time comes up, lemme write down my goodnight mumbling:
"God. You rock. You mixed strangers with destiny perfectly. Thank you. Please keep them(whatever you settle it) happy, and blessed. Please keep them surrounded by joy. Please keep them here, beside me. On my laptop screen. If it's possible(indeed there's nothing impossible for You), please let us meet and talk. I wanna punch the brother's face literally and put a flower on the sister's ponytail.

I have a brother and a sister. Without mentioning, i know they'll be reading this. He'll read it with his evil face, and she'll read it with her sweety smile. That's all for today. Goodnight, everybody. Please don't waste your time, find your own happiness.