30 July 2010

New new new!

This is me again, with my late-night posting.
Well as u're staring now..
My loveliest baby baby boo Tealchick has a new template!
:D :D :D
I made it simpler than my previous background, it looks so teenager, i guess..
So here's only a simplicity of mine: Overall white, some blacks, and of course.. Teal :)
Why did i choose to change my template into this one? Because, this recent template leads me into a simpler one. And it also represents me: black and white as my monochrome side, and teal as my.. what is it? "oh-a-bit-way-more-colorful" side? And i guess it will make you readers easier to read my posts without consider the background and the header and the other whatsoever things in this blog.
Well, should've been slept from the last 3 hours, i guess. I have my accounting class start on 7, gotta sleep now, i need some energy for Friday's class and tasks at the office. Good night good people :)