11 July 2010

The proud supporter is shouting out loud now

Well, hello, everyone.
I just came home from, you know, today's match.
*belly dancing*

That was such a great match. Dramatic, yet heart-shocking. Uruguay played very good, indeed.
Germany played without the Great 4: Klose, Podolski, Lahm, and the great keeper Neuer. Papa Loew done a great job by using his young players to play and get some experience. Sempet ragu juga sih, karena banyak pemain yang BARU KALI INI MAIN DI WORLD CUP. Nomer 9, Kielsling, misalnya. Pemain yang menurut saya lebih cocok jadi anak band ini gak pernah saya liat nongol di lapangan Piala Dunia. Ketika dia turun ke lapangan menggantikan Cacau yang mulai terlihat emosional, he played really good. Then came Kroos changed Jansen, also Tasci changed Oezil. The most interesting is, when Tasci came into the field and Oezil came out from the field. As i know, both Oezil and Tasci are Moslems. Moslem changed with another Moslem. The first thing came out from my mind was,"Did they say 'bismillah' or 'insya Allah we win' before changing each other?" well, not a serious thing, it's just my random thought here :D

Andddd, Thomas Mueller. He's the man of the match. That young, cute, and talented guy. He's 20 years old, a year older than me. Can't even imagine! He made the first goal of the match. From Bastian Schweinsteiger to Mueller. Their teamwork, once again. The second was from Jansen, Marcell Jansen. That oh-so-Germany-face player. The third? It was from Samir Khedira.

Ah, i'm so happy now. What else can i say? The squad played good, the coach trained great, the supporter(read: me) shouted out loud and proud: