12 July 2010

The winner is..

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I'm posting this blog in the middle of my preparation before going to accounting class today at 7, have no sleep at all, and SURVIVED. That's the point, i guess :p

And.. SPAIN IS THE WORLD CUP 2010 WINNER. Wow, congratulation, Spain. You've beat Netherlands, one of the hardest squad to beat.
I never thought that Spain would won the match. I supported Germay, i told you. Then Germany lost against Spain, it was very hard for me to support Spain, so i supported Netherlands to beat Spain. Tapi ternyata semesta berkata lain. Spanyol menang, and i should be fair. So, congratulation, Spain.. Casillas, you are a good goalkeeper. David Villa, Xavi, and other players, great job. And you, coach. You've done a great job, you've trained your squad to play great! :D

Once again, congratulation, Spain. You've won Euro 2008 then now you will be keeping the World Cup's Trophy. Isn't it complete? And yes, hope that the trophy will bring some peace to Spain's problem. Hopefully, i mean it :)
Well, gotta prepare myself now. The World Cup party was over, it is the turn to back to the reality. Real life, the normal one.
This is Anita Rizky posting with zombie face and blank head, have a nice day, and.. Good bye.
P.S: Is anyone out there could tell me the fare for a box of Momogi Cokelat to Medan? Please let me know. I lost a deal. A deal of Momogi Cokelat and a note of it. Thank you