02 August 2010


Let me introduce you my silly boys. This is Arief(on my left) and Mahesa(on my right). We had a great coffee time this evening. It's nice to gather with your silly friends and share about serious thing. It is called.. A serious discussion about nothing. Because all we had was just laugh over and over. They were playing chess while i was fucked up doing my office's task, then at the end, i threw away my task, had a stick of  cigarette, then realized that they played chess randomly. They call it "Supir Angkot" way of playing chess. What a reason, guys. Smart reason of you both.
*standing ovation*
Right. Gotta sleep now. I have Accounting quiz at 7. Just wish me luck, people. And oh, it's Monday already. Well, have a great Monday, y'all! :D