14 August 2010

A week's summary! :D

This is Saturday.
Uh, yeah. I always love it, after Friday, indeed.
I had a tiring week. Tasks, schedule, deadlines, zombie eyes..
Those office things make me crazy. But i kinda like it, chasing the deadline then hit 'em up.
Monday to Wednesday is the hardest days. No sleep, work hard, some revisions, "Nit, ini masih di revisi lagi. Nit, ini ada penambahan, Nit, ini, Nit, itu.." seems like i wanna burn that Diknas office for giving me such 'fantastic' tasks.
But again, i kinda like it :)

At Thursday, i did nothing at the office. I had some silly chat with my monochrome brother than fun chat with my colorful sister. Watched Repo Men(ohmy, Jude Law has to stop being so damn beautiful), then went home, suddenly being emotional. Then, as already expected, i cried. No one knows about that before i post this thing.

Friday, yes, my fave day.
Came later to the office, got a task(translation again, ohwell i forgot to tell you. I'll be handling some translation things in this office until November. Yep, NO-VEM-BER), then suddenly arranged a plan to go out with some friends. I finished the task optimally as fast as i could, then went out the office. You know what?  My boss planned to arrange a meeting after Maghrib. I went away as fast as i could. Saved myself. Naughty, but i guess i deserve a free time, Boss. Next time maybe. At weekdays, please. Weekend is mine.
Then i went to Hong Kong Cafe with Mahesa, Arief, and Carol. Carol, Mahesa and I ate like a pig there. Dimsums, fried rice, french toast, some glasses of tea and soda while Arief only had a cup of double espresso. Ohwell, the singer's having a diet program now.. :p
We talked bout many things. Arief told about his dead-cat. I almost cried. May the cat sent to heaven directly. Amen. Carol discussed about having a pet. Ohwell, she never succeed on having pet, people(She ever bought a baby rabbit, then after i saw the rabbit, i tried as hard as i can to explain her that the baby's not gonna survive for a long time. She started to cry, then finally agree with me. She returned the baby to the petshop in the same day). Then she planned to buy a turtle. I suggested her to buy guppy fish, but then she said,"Sekalian aja lo suruh gue melihara 'encu*, Ta". Ohmy..
After the great dinner, we had a karaoke time. Woo hoo! The first song we sang is "Ordinary People" by John Legend. I sang it with Arief. And you know the score we got? 98! Woo hoo! Arief's voice is beautiful, people. If you haven't read the story, you can check my post here. Too bad we only have an hour of karaoke time. But we had a good time. We sang "if" by Bread, "Don't wanna miss a thing" by Aerosmith, "Always" by Bon Jovi, "It Must Have Been Love" by Roxette(uppsss, my monochrome brother would kill me after this :p ), and the unsang "Mau Dibawa Kemana" by Armada. Yep, we didn't sing that song. We only use that song for a break after screaming out loud on Bon Jovi's song.
After the karaoke things, we went out. As Mahesa drove the car, we planned to have another session of karaoke. 3 or 4 hours sounds good.. It is still being considered then :p

And now, Saturday. Today.
I just woke up as i post this thing. Planned to watch some DVDs with my cousin and do my office's task(again, ohwell, but i can compromise with it. Srsly). My grandma just told me that we're going to have a family gathering here in my house and have a "Buka Puasa Bersama" session. With the big family! Yey yey, i'm so excited :D :D
Well, gonna take a bath now. I'll be pretty busy today. Yeah, 'busy', you know, have fun with myself and the family. Have a great Saturday and weekend, y'all! :D