28 October 2010

COOKIES! :D :D :p :)

So i found this when i got home:

A PACKAGE! There's my name and my address written on it.
I pretty wonder who sent this, because i didn't bought anything in any online shop.
So, i opened it, and...

*belly dance*

You wanna know who's the lovely sender of this lovely chewy cookies?
My Colourful Sister.
She is!
Ohmy how i feel so glad when i got this package, how i really love the taste of every bite of the cookies, how i feel grateful to have a lovely sister like her, how i love her so much, how i know you all jealous of me because i'm having a number one mood booster like her!
Wonder who she is? The truly colourful sister? Her name? What does she look like? Her fave color? 
And yes, dear you, the cookies sender. I know you read this.
I just want you to know that,
I love you, so much. To the max. Thank you for making me feeling so grateful. Thank you for everything nice you do to me. Thank you for this cookies(indeed), and i know, that someday, we'll be happy, no one will hurt us or makes us feel really bad, ANYMORE.
And i promise you, that i'll never let anyone make you cry like that night. No one will do.