19 October 2010

Episode 14

Well hello.
It's me again writing and mumbling at the past of 3 AM.
Just done watching Gossip Girl the 3rd season, episode 14.
Am not gonna do any review about it because i don't like to ruin any part for those who haven't watched it.
Wise enough, aren't i? :p
But if you don't mind with me speaking of my own opinion of these episodes i watch(there are still 8 episodes left, 4 DVDs), this season is great. I love Chuck Bass even more than Nate Archibald. He grows up more than the last season in which made him very emotional by his father's death.
Blair and Serena are still like usual, on-off, but they're getting much wiser.
Jenny is still being a teenager. She'll grow, i love her style when it comes to a little touch of her gothic style which turns her into a fierce look on her style.
Dan and Vanessa. Hmmmm, i really don't like them at this season. They're just getting into some complicated things. So do with Rufus and Lily.
Eric, Serena's brother. Oh i love this series when he has more parts in this season.
Hmmmm, who else? Who else?
Nothing else? What? You want me to shut my fingers out?
Okay, i'll continue to the 15th episode then.
Have a deep sleep, dreamers!

Yes, here's my (current) fave dialog between S and B. On episode 13. Sorry for giving you some spoiler, people. Just can't resist this one :D