26 December 2010

The Big Small Things

The title is an oxymoron, I know -but I just can't help but to wonder that small things matter the most.
While most of people I know are competing to be on the superlative list (the most wealthy, the most pretty, the most creative et al), I stumble upon a person who reminds me that the best things are not those A-list common qualities. But and instead, the tiny details that I forget to notice.
The wealthiest people Forbes ever published are as rich as me, for we breath the same air. The pageants' winners are as beautiful as me, for we made of the same biochemicals chains. The sufis are as spiritual as I am, for we are have the same Creator.
It takes a very ordinary person to makes me realize an extra ordinary thought. A simple and humble one, who I happen to fall in love with.

I took this note from a great friend of mine, Fatima  Alkaff, who posted it on facebook. Yes, a short but meaningful writing. And i do hope that i'll fall in love again with that kind of person you're fallin in love with, Fatima. But a single one. #sweetsmile