03 December 2010

Miserable. Not anymore

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It's December, on the 3rd day.
After few days ago, at the end of November, at my last blogpost at 23rd November 2010, to be exact, which saying that i'm a mess.
Yes, i was.

I was in a deep misery, couldn't hold my tears even for a minute. I mourned all day, my both cheeks were wet by tears. I was disgusting at that time, exactly.
But not at the night.
My monochrome brother called.
We talked bout that.
Step by step. Each detail was deliberated and explained.
I told him the story, he explained me why.
He said i did the right thing.
We talked. We grinned. We laughed out loud, at 3 AM.
The misery had gone.
The tears wept away.
I embraced happiness, and relieved.
Thank God, thank him.
The next day, i talked with my colorful sister.
We talked bout this also. She smiled. Eventho i didn't see her bright-little-eyes, i could feel it.
That she's there, with her cup of tea, a jar of chocolate cookies, put her everything next to me.
She didn't say many things, she just sat there, listened to me, no, she read me. Every of the words i typed.
And i felt warmth surrounding me.
Thank God, thank her.
I'm lucky, totally.

Well, i couldn't say anything else, but thank you, everyone, for everything.
Each step, each condition, each possibility, each opportunity, each hug, each kiss, each stare, and each-everything-that-makes-me-learn.
Learn that i have a beautiful life with beautiful people and their beautiful love surrounding me.
I love you all.
I mean it.

Have a great Friday night, people.
You, please have a good life, we'll have our own good life, won't we? :)