05 January 2011

Gayus Tambunan: Vacation of A Dumbass


Yes, people. The pictures i show you above are pictures of our famous corruptor: Gayus Tambunan. Taken from this post of Kaskus, Gayus seemed had a New Year's Eve holiday while he supposed to be in jail because of corruption case, AND THIS IS THE SECOND TIME HE GOT CAUGHT OUTSIDE OF JAIL (As you know the first one was that he seeked out to Bali and watched an international tennis match WEARING WIG). Are those law officers crazy or got suddenly amnesia? Ah, ya, FYI, those pics were taken from his (already deactivated) facebook account. He even changed his name to Bob Pete! What the heck was on your mind, stink bastard? Well if you spell "Pete" by how Indonesians spell it, you're up. Cos you stink like pete, or even jengkol, or the most stink stuff that ever exists in this world.

These is the pic of the printscreen, thanks to the uploader:


Oh, Dear God.
Well, what's out of my mind was:
The options are:
1. He's extremely narcissistic; or
2. He's extremely idiot. Oh this is the most possible answer.
Well at least, this dumb fucker taught us something. It is that if we have much money, we don't have to put an extra effort of stupidity for spending it. If you such a criminal and wanna have a nice holiday with that plenty of money, JUST DON'T TAKE ANY PICTURES OF YOUR NICEY VACACEY. Or else, in softer rule, you may take pics of yours, BUT DON'T POST IT ON FACEBOOK. It will make you look like a guy thinks with his ass!
Oh, can we have--at least--a bit smarter criminal here in Indonesia, please?

To you, Gayus Tambunan,
may you become a famous main course over there in hell. May they serve the "Gayus Lada Hitam" or "Koruptor Goblok Saus Tiram" with professional taste. May they pill your skin and rip your body into some parts, put your head in a pot full of boiled water. Uh, yes. You must be fukkin hot, on the head!
And yes. Good luck with the money. Just have another fancy vacacey. If you get fucked up, just don't go and cry to your mommy, because you're not somewhere called homey, dumbie fatty trashy!

Screw you, fatty belly.