07 July 2011

The girl

11.57 PM, when we started to talk again.
After almost 24 hours of not talking to each other.
Drowned in own's ego.

Whom you did talk to yesterday, baby,
was a young, snobbishly-selfish girl who needs your attention more than anyone else.
She's the one who loves you so much.
She's the one who got mad when she knew that you're not there for her last night.
She's the one who is very afraid to lose you and your warm embrace.

Her whole day felt like darker.
No words came from her mouth or tweet -- since you know that she's a Twitter whore.
Her mind surrounds on you: your smile, your voice, your favourite songs..
She just can't be far away from you.

When she typed you an apology,
you didn't know that her hand was kinda shaking, no?
She needs you, but she's just too embarassed to confess it to you.
Her snobbish mind made her type that. Poor her.
When she hit the 'send' button,
you didn't know that she's that nervous, hmmm?
She realized that she's the one who did the mistake.
Double mistaken, because of the silly apology.

your voice was the only thing she needed to hear for all whole day.
Your acceptance, your caress, your willingness to do anything to keep her safe..
The touch of your skin, the warmth of your embrace, the tenderness of your stare..
You may be wondering now, keep asking that are you that addictive to her?
The answer is yes.

And the girl who is being talked about at this post, is missing you so much.
Love you unstoppably silly.
Like a little girl who is having her first lollipop candy,
loving the sweetness,
enchanted by its bright colours,
and can't get over it.

Wanna know who is the girl, Deary?
The name starts with A.
also ends with A.
5 letters.
Yes, you choose.
The girl, she is.