10 July 2011


That was what I wrote, minutes ago, as my current Facebook status.
Why did I write this?
Because I feel really blessed.
I had a great Sunday.
Woke up in the morning by his phonecall, talking to each other after a full day of fight previously.
It's wonderful, to make up the relationship after a long, boring and selfish doubt.
To finally apologize to each other.
And call ourselves as a whole couple.
In-love couple.
You know how it feels to listen to your favourite voice as the first thing you hear in the morning, no?
And in the afternoon, I had my lunch with my best friend, who just lost his father days ago. Very sad.
We had lunch, we talked heart-to-heart. He's still very sad since he's the closest child to his parents in the family. He looked awful. But then (I hope) he's getting better, since i saw his smile at the end of our lunch.
I pray for you, your father, and your family.
Then, I went out to a mall with my cousin and friend. Just to buy a bottle of soap. Liquid soap.
Yeah, I know.
But then, we ate okonomiyaki and takoyaki. Both are octopuses! Yummmm, I love the foods so much. You should try it. Very tasty.
Then I got home after my mother called me to tell me that my guy-friends, Mahesa and Arief, were coming to my home without noticing me before. Their old habit. 
So I came home just to let my parents that i would go out with them.
Then we went somewhere, to a place, a lovely place.
Where the foods are all tasty and cheap.
Where there are many talented musicians.
Where my lover is one of them.
So we went there. Drank cappucino, talked about things, then there was my fave thing:
The appearance of my lover.
I've been missing him like, THAT crazy, since i've been falling in love to him like, THAT crazy.
I know, I know, repetition. Ain't that creative anyway.
He has met Mahesa and Arief. So they had a short conversation then he finally took the guitar,
and there was my 2nd fave thing:
They sing.
Arief is a very good singer, his voice sounds like Thom Yorke from Radiohead. Yea I know, Unee, you'll ask me if you read this ;)
He sang many songs. Radiohead, James Morison, John Meyer, John Legend, Chris John.
Yea I know, not funny.
Then my lover, my fave lullaby, sang many beautiful songs.
Including his 2 new songs.
To me.
I looked at his eyes.
He smiled.
And i realized, that I love him more.
Way much more, than ever.

Then we: Mahesa, Arief, and I, went home.
Talked about many things, listened to Radiohead songs, which become Mahesa and Arief all-time favourite, peacefully.

Then here I am, now. Writing this post, with a wide smile. 
I am, thanking God for all of these.
For giving me such a lovely life.
For letting me have those lovely people.
For 'telling' me, that eventho' there were my miserable moments,
I'm not alone.

I can't thank You enough, Dear My Lord. I love you, life.
And indeedly you, Mas.