19 August 2011


So I bought this 2 books few days ago. "Kening" by Rakhmawati Fitri (known as Fitri Tropica as well), and "The Five People You meet In Heaven" by my all time favourite, Mitch Albom. I've finished reading "Kening" a day ago and started to read "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" this evening. It would be a very great reading, since I love the way Papa Albom writes and I've also read few pages and it touches my heart :)

It's 1.52 AM already and I'm on the phone with my boyfriend, telling him about how much I love Mitch Albom and all of his writings, also what we both wanna be 2 years later, about each other's dreams, and this, and that, back to this, back to that....

I'm happy with him, if you wanna know that.
*wide grin*

Well, I should end this post, he heard that I was busy with 'tek tak tek tak' sounds and ended with, "Kamu ngetik apaan sih?". Tee hee. So, see you later at another good time, folks? C'ya! Mwah.
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