09 August 2011

For you, HS.


I don't know where to start.
All the thing I know, it's just I have to write something. At least that's better than keeping the story all by myself.
I am selfish, don't put any attention to your words, don't wanna be threw in blame, don't wanna change for good, still flying free here and there, like a wild butterfly..
But I simply don't wanna loose you.
I don't like the feeling of loosing, I don't like the feeling of not to talk to you, I don't like the feeling of not knowing that you're okay wherever you are, I don't like the feeling of that awkward silence whenever I don't listen to your singing..

The song I attach here in this post, was the first song you sang in front of me, at that accoustic night event in your place.
Did you remember?
You did.
You're a memory-card if I can describe you in things.
That song, is the one that made me smile widely. Your voice is just wonderful, you know that.
That night, listening to your voice, seeing your eyes shine brightly.. And I smiled widely..
It's ridiculously funny how today I cried by listening to the same song. This song.
I miss you already..

I'm sorry for all the mistakes I've done.
I'm sorry for all of those selfish things I made and shouted to you at our relationship.
Thank you for every little thing you did that made me feel very comfortable,
to every little thing that involved us in fun.
Also, for giving me a chance to be in your warmest embrace last night..
I, love you, baby.
That's all I can say.
It hurts..