30 September 2011


You should really know how much you mean to me.

The taste of your kiss, the feel of your touch, the warmth of your body, the sense of your embrace..
You should know how much I miss you.

Have you ever thought of dying? What it feels like? What yours will be?
I already felt mine.

The absence of your present, the missing of your voice. Oh I really miss hearing your voice, listen to your singing, smile at you everytime you created a song of me.

I miss the way you hold me. How you won't let me go. How you tell me that you wouldn't go away from me.
But you didn't make me stay, eitherway.

Have you ever thought that this is, the best decision we had ever made?
Has it crossed your mind that, we're not waving goodbyes? That we're saying "See you in a better time" instead?
Has that question ever crossed in your mind?
It crossed on mine.

Well even you're not mine anymore.

Am I still yours?
Am I still the one you put your heart on?
Am I still the one you give your hopes to?
Am I still the one that you love so much?

People say that being brokenhearted is a myth.
I don't believe in any kind of myth.
And now am feeling brokenhearted.
The evil part of me says that I'm being left.
But the other one says that you do this, ALL of this, for our own good. Not only yours, but mine too.

I don't know why am I writing this.
It's hard for me to pass even a single day without your presence.
It's been weeks, and I already felt weak.

The message that you got on your phone last night, is true.
That I,
miss you.
That's all.

Thank you.