26 November 2011

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A chocolate rounded cake and.....32 candles. Looks like it will be yours next year, baby!
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Have our cup of morning coffee here every morning, and I'll love you forever.


It's been a while since my last post, no?
Well people, I'm back. With a news.
Still remember this post? Yes, the one with a goodbye on it.
I remember I wrote the post with teary eyes, snorting-little nose, a hopeless heart..

He was the one that I loved love so much.
We broke up with a huge deal.
But now,
I'm gladly pronounce you that...
We're getting back together.
And not really attached to each other.

He's a man. And I love him so much.
I realized that it was our ego, our big-effing-ego who took the decision.
Again, it was our fault.

And now, by getting back together (again), we have a new start. A new page to write more carefully. With adult's mind. No more childish-ness. No more emotional decision taking. No more silly tears.
I'm glad to have you here, Mas.