21 December 2011


Let me tell you one thing straight here.
After those up-and-downs, after all the time we spent together, after all the tries and tears, after all the love and heartache we felt,
I decided to stop.

I know, I may sound really stupid here in my own blog,
but I admit, that I am.
Being brokenhearted isn't my fave thing to have, actually.
Oh no one likes it though.

The reason is, this is the final exhausted moment in my life.
I don't want to put the blame on anyone, because it's just me and my childish-ness.

Oh who am I to judge?
The world isn't as big as I've thought.
My heart isn't as humble as I've expected.
The relationship isn't as mature as I've guessed..

So, this is it.
A final post from this tag.
The special tag that I specially dedicate for you, Libra.
One thing that I can say,
I'm sorry, for disappointing you with the expectations.
And for next year's plan,
you should find someone else that is much better than me to be your bride, your very beautiful bride, that will walk beside you with a huge, lovely smile.

That's all.
Have a good life.