23 March 2012

Another Story

Here we go.
The story of a boy with wide eyes, white, clean skin, soft hand,
Who falls in love with a girl with high insecurity and worry mind.

His world is wide and so natural, her world is dark and windy.
His sight of life is colorful, her sight of life is monochrome.
His steps are wide and free, while her steps are little and careful.
His lifestyle is all healthy, hers is full of cigarettes and bottles of beer.

This two people, who fall in love to each other,
with all of the differences, all of the doubts and arguments,
finally collide.
At least in these few months.

The boy finds the new adventure to face, the girl finds the new eyes to dive into.
And like I said, here we go,
We'll see how long it will last,
We'll see how strong the world will judge,
until the story finally finds its end.

Will it happen to be a happy ending,
or turn even worse?
We'll see, baby. We'll see..

As long as we have the faith, on us, on love.

Good night, baby. Om, santi santi..