10 March 2012

Be my baby

pic was taken from here

Come here, baby.
With your blue eyes, innocent look, fluffy body.
Come here to my embrace.
Because I am alone, and you seem needing someone to take care of you.

Come here, come, baby..
Don't put anymore doubt on me. I'm good on taking care of people.
You can ask Omeng, oh if he's here, he would be really jealous of you.

Don't you feel cold outside?
So come here, I have plenty of love to give to you.
I have so many bedtime stories to make you feel asleep.
I such a kind girl, who won't let you go alone and lonely.

Please, get closer to me, baby.
Because I'm exhausted of the reality,
because you seem really nice to me,
because I know you will be such a good therapy,
better than my cup of coffee.

Here you go, little buddy.
Getting warmed in my embrace,
there's nobody but us, feel the grace..

Oh, it's nothing, I'm just too restless to write about something logical. Thank you for reading, people :)