27 March 2012

Can't wait

pic was taken from here

I just can't wait.
Us, you and I, sitting next to each other.
With our cup of coffee, no we should change it to our glass of beer since you put only tiny interest on coffee and I've lost my desire on coffee very much nowadays and both of us need refreshment SO MUCH. Yea, a glass of beer seems better. Oh maybe two, or three, or if we put some insanity on, ten glasses of them. Whatever.
With my cigarettes, you should sit in my right side because I smoke with my left hand and you're not a smoker. Yea, I put the pity on you because of you not smoking. You don't know how good it feels, baby. You just don't know.

And our side dish, hmmm... French fries or pop corn? I prefer pop corn. Salty one. It tastes perfect with our beer and your lips. Because kissing a sweet-tasty lips is just too mainstr....oh yea, forget it. I don't wanna look like a pervert in my own blog.
After our glass(es?) of beer, I would like to have a tiramissu for dessert. How about yours? Since you have passionate look on everything smells like vanilla (maybe it's related to my vanilla perfume? Oh I'm done) maybe you should try......my dessert. We share and we can use the money for your dessert for........another glass of beer.
*berasa jadi pacar pengertian*
*padahal medit*

We're done with our dish, but not with our date. We should leave the lovely place to have some walk on the street since you won't have much time here in my town. We will stroll down to the sidewalk, talking about us. You and I. About how's your life going, how's mine, what are you gonna do after this, what mine will be, what will we have..
It's okay to be selfish here. We're young, we still have our own future. I would like to know and see what will you do with your life for years ahead, and I would like to tell you everything I have planted in my mind for and let it grows to years ahead also..

Let's just holding hands here since I won't need anything else. Your presence is more than enough. Your embrace, oh it's seriously warm and comforting. A kiss on my forehead will be enough, and a little kiss on my lips will be a surprise. Your "I love you" will be the perfect sentence I could ever heard, since you're not a really this type of romantic guy.

I just can't wait.
When finally I see you, your eyes, and your smile.
When finally I touch you, your black thick hair, your soft skin.
When finally i feel the moment to make you the reason why my day feels brighter.
When finally I realize,
that I love you,

And it will be 28 of March, baby :)