31 July 2012

Noran Bakrie x Let's Adopt

So am gonna write something that is quite serious here. Wait, not that serious, actually, but, well....

A friend of mine, a grrrreat one, Noran Bakrie but I call her Momo as my friend Gogo calls her so, yea I know, too much information here :p, Momo would like to donate some of her photographs (she's an INCREDIBLY GREAT photographer, FYI) to be sold. Here I give you some to take a look at her masterpiece(s):
 I'm really proud of Momo,
because she's talented, and she uses her talent to help others. Isn't it lovely? :)

If you  wonder what kind of thing is this, let me tell you now.
Those photographs you've seen above called as The "Noran Bakrie x Let's Adopt" Series, a donating program which will be donated to Let's Adopt Indonesia. This foundation is the one that rescues abandoned pets and let people adopt them. Isn't it a great thing to do? So why do you waste your time by ONLY  reading this post? Go move and donate, because you will save and get these lovelies their prettiest smile!


Coco - My fave!

You sure you still don't wanna spend few of your money to help them? Go and donate for a better life and future! Also, would please help us spread the news by posting this donation to your blog so that more people will be concerned? The more the merrier! Yay yay! Happy day, folks! :D