02 August 2012


So my boyfriend called me TWICE today, I don't know what kind of miracle brought him to be this "nice" to me :))
So this is, I think, the BEST part of our (3 seconds delayed for every sentence) conversation.

Me : Skype kek, Be.
Him: Iya baru bisa besok, kalo sekarang nggak bisa.
Me : Emang bedanya apa?
Him: Besok kan ke Vallarta, jadi baru bisa. Di sini internetnya payah.
Me : Lah emang sekarang di mana?
Him: Di Cabooooo~ San Lucas.
Me : Oh, Cabo San Lucas.
Him: Iya, Caboooooo~ San Lucas.
Me : Ha?
Him: Caboooooo~ San Lucas.
Me : Wtf?

So that's the way he pronounces "Cabo San Lucas". A new way of self-entertaining, as he's starting to be bored by the routine, guess :))

So, people, are you with me? In the count of three, kay?
Fuck you, baby :)))))