14 August 2012

First conversation

pic was taken from here

I still exactly remember when the first time we met, sitting in front of each other, as totally strangers.
You, with that white shirt and black trousers also a tie, tidy one, sitting nervously.

And we had that interview, Me as the interviewer and you as the interviewee. The interview was one that led you to a training program in my office back then.
My first impression was, you had such a beautiful pair of eyes.

Then my colleague introduced me to you and your friends, and we continued talking to each other for so many times. Really often. It's really fun to talk to you, you know? No boundaries, no expectation, the conversation flows like a river somewhere in your beautiful island; Bali.

Then we fell in love, confessed and kissed each other on the lips, just like that.


You didn't expect that we would be like this no, babe?
I love you.
I really do.
And it's somehow surprising if we look back to the past, how God planned this.

"Halo. Anita.."