01 August 2012

Introduction: Mandy

Hellow yellow (hopefully not) mellow people,
how's your day?
I hope that you had a grrrrrrreat day, as I had pretty fun day at work today :)

Well anywayyyyyyy,
I got a new stuff, just purchased it on Sunday, unplanned as usual :))

It will be a girl this time,
because "she" is pretty, in my opinion. And I'd love to carry "her" anywhere!
So here we go,
let me introduce you to Mandy, my new cat-eyed glasses.


Mandy is my new baby, a more "adjusted" one (since I got my cylindris increased) than the previous glasses which I named Loui. Yes, I'm that weird :))

Now I bring both Mandy and Loui wherever I go, since I feel like a mother with 2 children, and they seem like brother and sister who takes care each other. Nowadays I only wear Mandy for writing casual things such as blogpost, tweets, etc while I wear Loui for work. Don't know why, the comfortable feeling tells me so :)

So here I am, trying to post about something on my blog but found a huge fail, guess :)) now am gonna off to go, le boyfriend is calling from Mexico!

I don't know.