23 October 2012


pic was taken from here

We're gonna take a stroll after our dinner in a lovely diner.
I'm gonna hold your arm, while you caress my cheek, Oh it's always feels warm.
It's quite cold here, as you start sneezing. 
Your nose turning pink, and I can't help myself for not giggling.

We're gonna have some light chat, how's your day, what kind of music you currently listening, what food would you like to have for tomorrow's breakfast.
And I'll gladly listen to you, while staring at your glazy eyes.
You'll kiss me on the forehead, and I'm gonna say "I love you too" since you have that ability to hide your feeling.

Then we're gonna stop walking to a place that we call "home".

You sit on the sofa, still busy with your pinky-winky nosey.
Then I'm gonna make you a cup of hot tea since you're not a fan of coffee, and get you some raisin cookie.
You'll turn on the TV, find some cheezy joke to laugh at, but you find nothing.
You'll turn it off, and choose to hug me.
Then we're gonna start another story.

Come home soon, baby. I miss you.