29 November 2012

A letter of nothing

The day went well and busy, until I sat on my chair and looked at our picture..
And I finally admit, that I miss you so much.
The absence of your presence nowadays kills me slowly.
I know you've been busy because it's nearly close to Christmas, because I'm here too. Meetings all the time, writing the minutes of them, also feel really sleepy everytime :))

I'm still in the office, working on some slideshows will be presented on next Monday and I have to finish them now so I don't have to work on Saturday, and yes you know I hate working on Saturday, so, here I am now. Just finished doing them and had some cigarettes.
You know, when I decided to write this post, I knew that this was going to be useless. Because I know you won't read it, and anyone won't give a fuck to everything I'm writing. So... yeah. Whatever. The picture of us that took *almost* a year ago, was the first one we had on our relationship. And I'm so glad to re-calling the memories, to remember how silly we were, how you held my hand on the first time, how you kissed me. How I couldn't hold the desire. How I wanted you to stay here with me. Also it caused a little hole in my heart that we can't really be together..

You have no idea how much I miss you. Yes, we had arguments and doubts and tears and anxiety of our future, but then we stood up together and kicked them asses, no? I still have the faith on you. Still giggled everytime the picture of your silly smile came into my mind. I still fall in love with you, yet will always be like this, longing for your presence..I can't be anymore crazy than this, of missing you. I can't be anymore worse because of the tears for wanting you. If I could, I would beg you to stay, as I never did that to anyone. Yes, I love you THAT much.

Now we know the situation isn't going really well. But one thing you should know is, I love you. Always have, always will. At least until one of us walk out for another's better future. And I hope it won't happen soon.

Come home soon, baby. You won't let your girlfriend be anymore crazy, will you?