11 December 2012


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I woke up this morning with a huge smile on my face.
The morning felt good, the sun felt so warm, the scent of the air smelled so fresh.
I didn't know what's happening, then I looked at the date,
and realized,
that today, is a special day.

My mind automatically rolled to one year ago,
when we, brokenhearted people, found each other.
It was a little yet short conversation. 
No, it wasn't even a conversation. It's a formal interview.
You with your black tie, and I with my black office dress.
I looked at you, a pair of amazing eyes, 
and simplicity around your personality, like you know I don't like anything too much.

Then I was brought into the memories when our first kissed happen. 
It was warm and comforting. Your lips are so tender. I love the way you caressed me. I love the way you didn't let me go even an inch from your hand. I love the way you smiled after we kissed. Your signature silly smile. I thought the kiss was nothing, until you embraced my waist and kissed me on the forehead.
"Babe", you said.
Again, you smiled,
And I knew that you knew,
that that's the moment we started to want each other,
love each other.

People keep "mocking" me that I only waste my time. They're underestimating me. They look at me with their eyes closed. They say, the distance and differences that we have won't make us stand. That people like you (sailors, I mean) will NOT keep the faith we (the girlfriends' of them) put on you. One of them even said that we wouldn't stand until the end of November. How "cruel" they are, no? :))

Now it's been 6 months since you're away, and we're okay. I still have the faith of us, still feel the sparks everytime you come with your messages, like you appear in front of me. I don't care of what people saying. I believe in you, I believe in us. That we're going to work well, that we will finally hold each other's hand in a happy face and silly smile, realizing that love brings us this far, and grateful..


Happy first anniversary, K. Come home soon and let's celebrate the joy of having the word "us" in our lives.