22 June 2013


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We're one fragile creatures.
That keep finding for some chance to the meaning of nothing.
Exploring things we don't know.
Seeking for some light in a dark hallway.

We're one of curious cats.
Hoping to find the answers of endless questions.
Scratching rock to lose the itch of our hungry paws.
Believing we have more time to discover uninvented things.

We're two lost souls.
Finding each other.
In a hollow crowd.
Total emptiness.

Do I get the chance to say any good morning?
Do you get the talent to sing any lullaby?
Why don't we just shut up.
Stop questioning.
Then let's hold each other's hand.
Let me feel the warmth of your palm,
the beats of your heart,
the scent of your perfume,
and I'll just fall asleep,
without you leaving me.