05 August 2013

Blab lab la.

My mind's full of words and thoughts. I don't know what to do with it, that's why I write this post.

Lately things seem running fast I couldn't get the idea of what are they, whether they're good or not, I even simply couldn't recognize them coming. Maybe it's just me, or life goes crazier than ever.

I've just realized my father told me once that he'd do anything to fight for us; his wife and 2 children. For the education. For the food. For the happiness. Now I say, I'd give my life for them if that's necessary. I love them but never been able to say it. Tho' I know they can feel, that for me, there's nothing more important than their happiness. Not even the internet, not even Daniel Craig's dropdead gorgeous blue eyes.

I hate the idea of cuti bersama. Fuck you, whoever made this regulation.

There's this guy I currently enjoy being with, talk to, and I wish everything runs well. Hopefully.

Good night, good people.