09 February 2014

Well, are you?

pic source

I found this pic tonight. When I just finished watching a fucked-up movie and didn't know what else to do since I just had a cup of black coffee few hours ago with my best friends. A great time with great people, what else can you ask for? :D
When I found this pic, I stared at at for 3 seconds. Then my mind started to spin, to find the answer of this question.

"Am I who I was a year ago?"

Well, time goes unexpectedly fast. I've gone through some major things that change my life. My way of thinking, even a bit of my personality. If anyone (which I concern that no one does) asks me what I was doing at 9 February 2013 which is exactly last year, my answer will be, "I have no idea".
Maybe I was sleeping. Maybe I was writing a blogpost but it's sadly ended up in draft. Maybe I was reading a book. I seriously have no idea. But if anyone else (which I, too, concern that no one doesn't either) asks me is there anything different between present and past year? The answer is, "Yes, it is"

I learned something in 2013: to not be in hurry.