20 March 2014

Mon homme

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You suddenly came into my life.
Appeared in front of me,
sneaked into my subcounsious,
then instantly become my center of attention.

I still remember how we first met.
How warm your palm was when we shook hand,
how our eyes met,
and you smiled.

Then you brought me to your world,
a place where I have never been before.
With all of the surprises:
up(s) and down(s),
happiness and sadness,
even laughter and tears.

You got me sunk and trapped,
You make me feel wonderful with your little touches,
because you know how much I love affection.
You make me feel safe when you're holding my hand,
not letting me go anywhere but your side.
You make me feel unique with our nicknames to each other,
where the hell are the sweet-romantic nicknames going? I don't care, I love ours.
You make me feel loved everytime you take my hand and sniff it,
which I would usually stare at you and smile, as I love you more and more each day.

You, are the center of my world.
The focus of my lenses.
The smoke of my cigarettes.
The sip to my cup of coffee.
The kiss of my "good morning",
and "good night".

Yes, I love you, mon homme. Let's just enjoy what we're having now as your grey hair grow more and those wrinkles start to show up, agree?