24 August 2015

Teary days.

Everyone deserves to be happy.
Neither it's you, or me.
Yes, both of us.

You know how much I suffer for this.
You know how much I love you.
You know how I can't be standing alone without you by my side.
But you know the decision we took was for our own sake, right?

It's not easy to live without you.
It's not easy either to do anything without your support.
The emptiness comes every morning I wake up without you.
The loneliness shows everytime I miss you.

I can't do this, baby. I just can't..
I love you too much,
too deep that I barely feel myself when you're not around.

I can't do anything about it.
I pray for you everytime I think about you.
That's the only way to make me feel calm.

I lied that I told everyone I'm ready to let you go.
But in fact, I'm not.
Baby, the fact that we ended it perfectly,
it destroys me completely..

I love you, Ab.
Always do.