28 July 2017

A letter to an old friend

Hello, old friend.
It's been a long time.
Did you miss me? Because I missed you, so much.
I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in ages. It's because my head's been filled with things, and responsibilities.
I know it's not supposed to be an excuse, because you're always here, waiting for me to have a moment with you, just like our old days.

Old friend,
I'm no longer a girl you used to know.
I'm, obviously, older.
But I don't know whether age makes me wiser or not.

I'm still fighting, like you see.
For everyone's sake: the people I love, those who I care about.
The number's not as big as those days when you first met me, but the value is much meaningful.
Because I don't have time to think about things I'm not supposed to consider.

Old friend,
There are so many things I wanted to tell you.
But it's not like the old days that I could tell you rightaway,
I become more.....cautious.
And worried, sometimes.
That's why I kept the words in my head. Only in my head.

I'm happier now.
Of course I had my hard days, but as you always know, I'm stubborn enough to fight.
Are you proud of me? Because that's what I always been worrying about: whether I make the people I love proud of me or not.
I cried a bit on my hard days, but I know I always have the smile of a mother, the courage of a father, and the bravery of a brother that will always put me in their warmth.
You know how much I love them, old friend.
You know I'll fight for their happiness, no matter what.
That's what always put me into a whole person, over and over again.
No matter how exhausted and broken I am.

Old friend,
thank you for being a good company after all this time.
The warmth of your embrace and the peaceful silence of yours never fails to amaze me.
I'm sorry for being too busy, but it's always nice having you around.
And I know that I'll always have you,
until my last breath takes me to another place.
Thank you, Night.
You're so special to me.

Your (not so) Favorite Night Owl,


Just in case you people read this and wondering who am I writing to, you're not reading it wrong. It really is for the night. Yes, night time, the time when people are supposed to sleep, when the stars and moon are hanging beautifully up there. I know I'm weird, feel free to judge me however you want, but at least I'm being honest.